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Monday, October 12, 2009

Along the way...

The boat ride was a lot of fun - though a bit sketchy at times. The captain was Hungarian and the first mate was from Galveston Is, Texas. The captain was quite the vagabond...with lots of crazy stories about sailing, living in Hungary during communist rule and now, and lots of other stuff. The sailboat was about 40'.

We spent 2 days on open water and then three days in the San Blas islands off the coast of Panama. The Kuna people live there and they are their own sovereign area. In 1925 they killed anyone who was living there that wasn't pure blood Kuna and they got their rights to live without interference from Panama - though Panama still protects the area. They have a swastika on their flag. They were all friendly and happy to have foreigners in their area, they just won't allow others to live on the islands.

On the boat, we washed our faces with rum. Rain provided free fresh water showers. And once we got to the islands, we had a sand bath...great for ex-foliating. We had sunny and stormy skies. I was thankful for the clouds because otherwise it's just too hot.

Something that wasn't surprising was the amount of trash out in the ocean...lots of plastic out there floating. It was a bit depressing. Along the San Blas islands there is a good amount of trash as well, but a lot of that was from the people on the islands.

These are more pictures from Colombia and the boat. I'll be getting back to Virginia in a couple weeks!
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