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Monday, August 17, 2009

Pics - Site

All the fun and beautiful pictures I've put on here are about 10% of the time here. The other 90% of my time has been spent in my little mountain are some pictures of the town and the people I've spent the past two years with.

Also - I finish my service in Peace Corps on Wednesday!


Blogger john said...


Well son, it’s been 26 months and we (your mother and I) have not responded to one of your blogs. I have read every one of them and enjoyed 93 ½% of them. I’ve emailed you a couple times, called you a couple times, sent you two or three boxes, but YOU have been out there on your own. Your mother and I are quite “PROUD of YOU!” We are sure you have positively influenced those you have been in contact with (hopefully in positive way - ha ha). I’m sure you have definitely made your part of the world a little better! They will be chanting Jake, Jake, Jake… for years to come. Hopefully, you will come home to America and make a positive influence on Her and those people who live here.

Usually, after you spend time away from home, you appreciate a good home cooked meal when you return. When you get home, we don’t want to disappoint you, so we may fatten you up a little. Maybe I’ll surprise you with an over-grown BBQ’d guinea pig (ground hog) on your first night home. Just trying to give you something to look forward to son! :) There are a couple of those critters in the backyard I have been eying up….

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your journey/trip/adventure and then get home to help split some firewood for the winter. ;) OK, OK, maybe get a job and get your butt back in school.

Congratulations to all of you that are out there representing the good ole USA!!! Remember home base and those that can’t put all their stuff in a suitcase and run around the world. I’m talking about…Family! Hint, Hint!

Well, back to Jacob. It was fun posing like I was picking up a sloth out of the Amazon even though it was our front yard in Virginia and my favorite teddy bear (ha ha again). We were laughing and having a good time, thanks. I’m glad I got a couple honorable mentions out of it. Did anyone notice the little bit of gray in my beard? That should have been a clue! :o) Jacob, your pictures have been beautiful and amazing! There is beauty every where you look. It is up to you to capture the picture in you own mind; hopefully on the camera also. You do a great job at sharing it. Thank you!

Be safe on the rest of your travels and come home safely! No matter how old you get… (Happy Birthday on the 22nd!!!), your parents still worry about you! That goes for all of you too!

Everybody has a dream, but only a few have the nerve to live it! Don’t talk about it, make it happen! John

Love ya,
Dad & Mom
(John & Pam)

August 18, 2009 at 8:32 PM


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