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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat?

Hello friends,
This Halloween was classic. Last year, there was good participation...but this year a lot of people got into the spirit and had a great time. I was out dancing until 6am...and when I left there were still a good amount going strong. The bar actually had to tell people to go home around 7am. When thinking about a costume, I don't think what is the best idea...but what is going to be the most fun to act out...and cavemen is right up there with the best. All night Vishal, Frank, and I jumped around and grunted like crazy people. are a few photos...enjoy.
- Pregaming...Peace Corps is very similar to college in this sense - you see, we don't have any much money to spend at we have to drink before going out.

- Still pregaming.
-This is Vishal getting his uni-brow...and Frank being a caveman...
-This is what a nordic caveman looks like...

- Meet Tim and AnaLuz...they are health volunteers about 2 hours from me.
- Out at the bar...Rambo...urgh, I mean Charlie is grooving. He's a Brit that owns a lodge up in the mountains and it's very, very nice.
-Here is GianCarlos and Stephanie shaking behind the bar. He's the DJ and she's one of the bartenders.
- The guy with the tamborine is Lucho - owner of the bar and really cool guy. We usually stay at his house when we're in town.
-"More liquor? Okay, well...see you guys tomorrow." - The morning after Frank tried saying, "I didn't take tequila shots." I replied, "Uhh, Frank, I have evidence."
- After every tequilla shot...Vishal sends out his mating call...
- Picture of the bar...there was a costume competition, we won last year...perhaps again this year...we've yet to hear.

doing the a caveman would know that dance move, I don't know.
- I captured a couple Peruvian ladies...they don't really dress up...but they see all the fun we're having and more and more are dressing up each year. A good amount of little kids dress up and stores give out candy...the kids yell out, "Halloween". The one in the yellow is Jenifer, the girl I'm dating.

- "What is this mischief?"

Hope you enjoyed the pictures - I certainly enjoyed them getting taken.


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