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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Some photos

Hello everyone! The amount of pictures I have that I think would be interesting to put on here is spiraling out of control. So, in an attempt to catch up, here are a bunch. I hope everyone is doing well. I have less than a year left of Peace Corps service, then I'm back...well, maybe back.
- Every year there is an outdoor concert with horrible bands doing covers of every kind - from Sweet Child O'Mine to Satisfaction. It's not good music - but it is entertaining. But, the scenery was beautiful and I was with some fun people

- Hiking - I'm the 2nd from the right.
- Picture of glaciers - there is our guide in the upper right hand corner - to give some scale. The difference between what they look like from afar and when you're on them is monumentally different.

-That's me in my room playing guitar...that's how I spend a lot of time, right there.

- On a hiking trip, here is a picture of some of the mountains. We're about 16,000 feet up at this spot. Camping that high is interesting - 1) It's really cold - by 8pm you want to be in your tent. 2) We were at the base of a couple big mountains you can't see - and the avalanches during the night would wake you up. It was scary, thunderous avalanches and you can't see anything.

- Beautiful sunset.

This is on a combi...just thought it was a cute picture. The kids are so cute here and the old people are eternal. She actually has a lot of teeth - quite rare.

-The ladies of the 'market' in Tarica, where I live. They always try to flirt with me and keep asking me when I'm going to invite them over for dinner. I talk to them about cooking - which they find fascinating because guys don't cook here.

- We made t-shirts for the volunteers in my department (like a state). This is the design on the back - turned out great. We asked my artisans to make mugs and I gave them a design. Well, the person who put them in the oven was drunk, and they all came out bad because he lost track of time and turned it off too early. At least the shirts turned out nicely.

These are some of the goofballs I'm sharing my time with. Those are their best pirate faces - on the left that's Ruddy Barnacles and on the right that's Baldbeard....Arrrggghhh!

We play ultimate frisbee sometimes - it was time for a group photo - so I ran and got a sheep for the photo - that's me in the middle holding the sheep. Baaaa!

If you wanted to poop, back-to-back, that's how it would look...I suppose. That's Vishal and Frank - Vishal prefers to do his business with an icy beverage in one hand - his balance is that good. It's a big question of trust.

That's Vish, Frank, and me during reconnect last November...time flies. Anca$h tripod.

The night time sky is unbelievable. The moon is so bright you have a shadow. It's hard to describe just how beautiful it is, you just have to see it yourself. Also - there are way too many satellites up there, very easily seen racing across the sky from this vantage point.

This is just a cool photo. As Frank said, it would make a good album cover - our band, Snow Rascals.

- On a glacier. That's duct tape around my glasses to keep the reflection from the glacier off my eyes. Did you know it's possible to sun-burn your eyeballs?

Well - that's enough for now. I hope everyone is doing great.

Much love,



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