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Friday, June 27, 2008

First visitor to Tarica!

Well, I’ve finally had a friend from the States come and check out my life in Tarica (the town I’m living). John Dundon, international man of mystery, came to visit. Dundon and I were in the same fraternity in college and we spent a year together in New Zealand. Some might say we are male heterosexual traveling companions who enjoy frolicking into the wilderness, what?

He came up to Ancash and spent a few nights with me in Tarica, spent a Saturday partying in my department capital, Huaraz, we did some hiking around here, then we went to the beach. Here are some pictures of his visit…but : WARNING…these pictures are beautiful and might make you want to visit also…

First, a couple pictures of the mountains. This is where I live…you would have to go to Tibet, Nepal, etc, to find a mountain chain with higher mountains. The highest we went is 4,750 meters, which is about 15,600 feet…higher than any mountain within the lower 49 states…no big deal…Anyhow, that’s just where these behemoths begin. It's hard to pick the pictures to put on here, because I literally have about 150 photos of just beautiful mountains.

We also went to Mancora, Peru's most popular beach.

That is ceviche, Peru's most popular dish. It is incredible, my favorite Peruvian food, by far. I would eat it everyday if I could. Dundon's quote: "This is amazing! This is how you're supposed to eat ceviche, on the beach, cold beer, and you can see the fishing boats!" It is raw fish, with onion, hot peppers, Peruvian limon. Then you have other stuff too, but the fish is what's important.

In my last post, I mentioned the competition...well, now I have two lakes! In this one, there were chunks of ice the size of small cars floating. You can see the glacier coming down into the was cold.
That's all, love, Jake


Blogger Eric said...

Awesome! I'm so jealous...but you can keep the worms.

July 1, 2008 at 2:40 PM


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