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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Central Banks, the Amero, and Bush's new Fed proposals

Are you aware about the North American Union which erases the borders between Mexico, United States, and Canda? Do you know that Bush signed it taking steps towards creating the Amero, a new money supply, merging Canada’s, Mexico’s, and ours? Do you know about World Trade building #7 that blew up the same day as the Towers on 9-11?

This blog veers off the purpose of this webpage, which is to share my experiences in Peru with my friends and family and anyone else interested. This is a rather long blog as well…but very informative. I hope you read it.

“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous than standing armies… If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of currency…the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of their property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered”
Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President, Author of the Declaration of Independence

One of the scariest things I’ve recently seen was the headline about Bush’s proposal to increase the Central’s Bank’s power. Unfortunately, most Americans…probably 95%, are too ignorant to know what that means. They do not know what a Central Bank is…nor do they know its purpose. An even higher percent probably are too interested in American Idol, how expensive it is to fill up their cars, or that illegal immigrants are present in a country full of immigrants, to care about anything else.

I’ll give you a brief history about the Federal Reserve (Central bank) and their connection to wars: In the early 1900’s, the most dominant business men (JP Morgan, JD Rockefeller, Rothschild) were in search of ways to create a central bank in the US, which would allow them to control the money supply. If you control the money supply, you control the country. JP Morgan, published rumors about a prominent bank being bankrupt, thus creating a panic of people withdrawing their money. In order to meet the withdrawals, the bank had to call in its loans. This created a public hysteria and other banks suffered the same fate and were forced to call in their loans as well, forcing the recipients of these loans to sell their property…thus bankruptcies, foreclosures, and repossessions came forth. (Feel free to see a parallel to what is happening right now with the credit crisis)

This experience led to an investigation by congress, led by Senator Aldrich , who is shown to have very close ties with the banking cartel, in fact, was part of the Rockefeller family through marriage. He recommended a central bank be created so a panic like this would not happen again. The “Federal Reserve Act” was written (by the banks) and Woodrow Wilson was soon elected president. His candidacy was supported by all the major banks because he said he would sign the law. Then, on December 23, 1913, when most of the congress was at home, it was voted into law. At the end of his term, Woodrow Wilson wrote about the mistake of signing that into law, thus creating a country completely dominated and controlled by a few elitists, the central bankers.

In fact, the stock market crash of 1929 is said by some to have been contrived by the Federal Reserve. Central bankers like Rockefeller pulled his money out days before Black Tuesday. This allowed them to buy up rival banks and whole corporations for pennies. The Fed continued the depression by keeping the money supply tight. A congressman (Louis McFadden) who was well aware of what was going on was pushing to impeach the central bankers…but after surviving 2 assassination attempts, he died of ‘heart failure’ in 1936, but little is actually known about his death. The depression of the 30’s helped the Fed take the Central Bank off the gold system. Now money is worth the amount of it that is in circulation…controlled by the Fed.

The Federal Reserve is a private corporation that makes its own policies…though most people think it is part of the government because the president assigns the board of governors, who don’t do much. The Fed prints the money for the United States and loans the money it to the government, at an interest rate. The only way for the US Govt to pay the interest rate is with that very money, thus creating more debt. This institution is exactly what our Founding Fathers sought to escape from.

Wars have always been waged for money. Central Bankers makes A LOT of money off wars…for instance; JD Rockefeller made $200 million off WWI (equivalent to 2.7 billion today). WWI cost $30 billion, which was borrowed from the Federal Reserve with interest…to be paid back by the American government through taxes. The Lusitania is the American ship that was sunk to get America involved in the war. There is documented evidence of it being planned, which is why it sailed into German waters to start with.

Or, look at WWII – Franklin D Roosevelt, whose uncle was one of the first on the Federal Reserve board. His Secretary of War, Henry Stimson, documented that FDR wanted to provoke Japan in order to gain the favor of American citizens to enter the war. Three days before Pearl Harbor, Australian Intelligence says they alerted Roosevelt about a Japanese task force moving towards Hawaii. Before the attack, 83% of Americans wanted nothing to do with the war. After the attack, 1 million men volunteered for the war.

American banks helped finance both the Axis and the Allies during WWII. In fact, Union Banking Corp, a New York City bank, helped finance Hitler’s army and launder money for them before and during the war. FDR signed in a “trading with the enemy act”, which prohibited American companies from doing business or financing the Nazis. They were eventually seized for money laundering and had millions of dollars of Nazi money in their vaults. None of the directors were punished; they just had to wait until 1951 to cash out their profits. Prescott Bush, our current president’s grandfather was vice president and director of this bank during this time.

Or…let’s take a look at Vietnam. The attack in the Gulf of Tonkin is what the US Govt used as a reason to deploy troops. But guess what, it’s now proven to never have even occurred. It was a complete lie by the government looking for a reason to join the war, not to win the war, but to sustain the war. Just like in Iraq and the war on terror, it’s not meant to be won, the war is meant to be sustained. Why else would the govt lie about this other than for money?

Now…take a look at 9-11 and everything that has followed. America has launched a war into Afghanistan and Iraq, created the Homeland Security Act, can search your home without a warrant and seize you indefinitely, just under the suspicion that you might be a terrorist. Perhaps a terrorist is anyone who disagrees with those in power? Some say history repeats itself…did you know that Hitler burned down the German Parliament and blamed it on communist terrorists? He then used that as a spring board for new policies and a war.

Now take a look at the evidence around 9-11. Did you know that a 47 story building, World Trade Building #7 which is a few blocks from the Towers, was blown up the same day as the towers? Maybe that is what the Pennsylvania crash was supposed to hit. No one knows about it. Why is that? Why is it that the steel beams in the Towers were melted and angled like a controlled demolition? The steel beams need to reach 2,000 degrees to melt while jet fuel only burns at 1,500 degrees. Why is it that there was absolutely no plane rubble from the Pentagon crash or the crash in Pennsylvania and you have never seen the crash into the Pentagon which has many cameras pointed right at the site? Why is it that Bush and Cheney would not appear individually, would not be under oath, nor recorded while being investigated by the 9-11 commission? These are just a few questions that most Americans don’t even know to ask. There are so many incongruities about 9-11 it would take a book to describe. …but now we have a war in Iraq...proven to have absolutely nothing to do with 9-11 or terrorists.

This leads to the situation today:
Now there is trouble due to the housing crisis, as people are calling it. So what happened? An unreasonable amount of credit coursing through society. Interest rates went up so that many individuals defaulted on their loans, creating an environment of uncertainty and fear about the economy. People start defaulting, home prices start going down, construction jobs are lost, things start costing more, companies can't afford the rising costs and lower profits, lay offs, recession, etc. Perfect time to try and pass new powers for the Fed…

What’s going to happen next? I don't know. In my opinion, these new proposed powers for the Fed are a step towards the Amero, a new currency which combines Canada’s, Mexico’s, and ours. Google it to learn more. To anyone worried about illegal immigration, Bush recently signed a North American Union agreement without permission from Congress or the American People, which would create open borders between Mexico and Canada. This is quite ironic since his Republican constituents are the ones primarily concerned about illegal immigration.. The purpose of all of this is for that 1%, the investment class of the population that will profit off this deal.

Perhaps, after that is set up, it’ll merge with the Euro. One of the Rockefeller’s today is quoted as saying that the world is marching towards a world currency...and it's not very far off. Don't believe me? Do your own research.

A documentary everyone should watch is "Zeitgeist", and you can watch it on the internet ( That documentary begins & ends with these quotes:

""They must find it difficult...Those who have taken authority as the truth, Rather than truth as the authority." G. Massey, Egyptologist

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, then there will be true peace." Sri Chin Moi Gosh

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Blogger Omar said...

I'm an old timer and I don't usually connect with the younger generations but I really like this post! This young man writes with such clarity...and passion for the truth. Simply amazing. Brings a tear to my eyes. We need more critical thinkers like him in the world. Bravo yound lad! Back in WWII I used to be a seamen. Now I just shoot it all over my wife's ass.

April 19, 2008 at 1:24 PM

Blogger Elijah said...


This was a power post. I enjoyed it and will spread the word. In closing I'd like to say, "Trust in Obama."



I'm moving to Japan.

April 21, 2008 at 5:58 PM


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