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Friday, November 9, 2007

Weird Monday...and pics from All Hallow's Eve

I realize it is Friday, and a little late to be discussing a story about Monday, but with no internet I am left to post my Monday on Friday.

I am going to assume that my Monday was quite different than yours. December 31 is fast approaching, which means that the calendar year is almost over (feel free to show surprise at how fast this year has gone, as you’ll do next year around this same time). What that means is most businesses are in their 4th quarter and for most, their main earning quarter. At the end of the year, (well, by Jan 31) all these companies will have to report how much money they made to their investors and public, reporting just how well their worker ants did and how well they did at managing those worker ants.

So, for most of my friends in the States (and definitely my old co-workers), I imagine you might be feeling the crunch time occurring as these next two months the corporotacracy revs its engine and has a cut-throat race to raise their profits from a year ago – for if you’re not growing, you’re stagnating – and who wants to invest in a company that isn’t growing? Of course, my government friends are in a different situation. A lot of people probably woke up early Monday morning, regrettably, for it's Monday after all, and went to work. After the routine talk of weekend activities (all the “how was your weekend?”), most were probably pretty productive.

My Monday was actually productive as well, in a different fashion. I step out of my door at 10:15am and look down the street. The normal gathering of people is not on the street corner, but I figure I’ll walk that way anyhow and go to my association though I know no one is there, but maybe…. I look down the street the other way and CRAP, there are a few people from my association…and they’re already drinking. I head back to my door, trying to sneak away but they spotted the bogie on their radar and call my name. After the round of greetings they offer me a drink. Since there are some people I haven’t drank with yet, I resignedly accept. Since I haven’t drunk with a couple of them, it’s a chance to earn their trust…well, it’s a chance for them to like me and then they’ll trust me.

What’s the drink of choice you ask? It’s a mix of Inka Cola, which is Mountain Dew on steroids and crack, along with some potent liquor. 11:30, I’m a little dizzy and most of these guys are slurring their speech. Once it’s my turn to refill, I go and refill and the liquor actually comes out of a huge 5 gallon gray jug, something that looks like you put gasoline into when on a trip into the desert where there are no gas stations along the way. The fellow’s I’m drinking with proudly tell me how it’s “more economic” – as if they are not being negligent but responsible adult men.

The day wares on, most of the guys end up passed out. Left standing are me and the president of my association, so we get lunch, chill out a bit, then he wants to start drinking some more. We do that, switching to beer – and this is when he tells me he plans on quitting the association and starting his own business. Since he has me, I can market his products right and make lots of money. The association has wanted to change their leadership group for over a month, but he keeps stalling, now I know why.

We ended up actually having a pretty good talk. I told him some of the complaints everyone has about him and discussed things he is going to need to if he wants to have a business of his own. BUT…I’m here to work for the association, though I will gladly work with him also. However, helping both, him and the association will be like selling cars for both Ford and GM – so this is going to be tricky.

All the best,
PS - I know these pictures have nothing to do with the story...they are from Halloween, and it was a crazzzzy night, not lending itself to a PG blog.
PPS - As I write this, there are protests out on the street and cops are lined up with protective sheilds. Who knows, maybe they'll release some tear gas. I think I'll stay inside.
PPPS - I'm also growing out the beard, true Peace Corps be prepared for some even more manly photos soon.


Blogger Tiffany in Peru! said...

Wow, it is already November. Then it will be December. Then 2008! This year has flown by... where has the time gone?! Oh my.

I will post this again next year, too.

November 9, 2007 at 8:44 PM


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