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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Trilingual Blunder....ooops!

Speaking Spanish all day can leave you mentally drained…and more prone to make very silly mistakes - like the following…

Since April, I’ve been teaching English classes to the youth of my town. A few weeks ago, I was in my class for the older group, from 8 to 10 at night. This particular class we were discussing food and the associated verbs.

I would write a sentence and people would say food to put into the sentence. I wrote, “estoy comiendo’ and someone said, ‘chancho’. Translated, that is, “I am eating pork.” Well, I know the Quechua word for pork/pig and everyone gets a kick anytime I say anything in Quechua (because I’m white), so as I was writing this, I said, “Estoy comiendo chupi.” I expected to get a giggle. The room was silent. Maybe they didn’t hear me, I thought, so I said it louder. Nothing.

I turned around and saw startled faces, so I said it again and was like, what? Then in my head I realized I must have made a mistake. And I did. My face turned bright red and I corrected myself, “kuchi, kuchi”, I pleaded. At this, everyone began laughing hysterically. I had mixed up the words ‘chupi’ and ‘kuchi’.

You see, the word “chupi” means vagina. I was saying, translated, ‘I am eating vagina.’ I’ve been getting teased ever since, even from people who weren’t there…big ooops.



Blogger Katherine Lee said...

oh my goodness. FUNNIEST. STORY. EVER.

August 19, 2008 at 8:09 AM


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