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Monday, March 2, 2009

computer crashed...

Well - I apologize for not posting something over the past few weeks. Unfortunately, my computer crashed. I got some viruses on my laptop back in October-November due to a lack of updating my virus protection and the virus culture over here. I was able to clean it all off, but over the past few months, my laptop has had a lot of problems due to deleting those files infected with viruses. Finally, Windows would not boot at all and I had to wipe everything.

I had a lot of my stuff backed up...though I lost about 4 months of photos. Unfortunately, my camera also had a bunch of viruses so right now I can´t put new pictures on my computer because I have to reformat it also.

Basically, everything here takes a lot longer to fix. I´ve been able to reinstall Windows (a Spanish version) and now I´m in the process of putting everything back in place.

So - the lack of me putting anything on here is not an account of anything other than those problems. I´ll be resuming normal blogging habits soon, once I figure out my camera situation.

I hope everyone is doing well. Thanks for reading and for all the emails or notes I get mentioning that you read/enjoy the blog. It helps me feel connected to everyone, and not so lonely out here.

Much love,


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